Friday, July 16, 2010

Market : Part I

The place to be this week is Atlanta. Its Market week. And if you werent sure, just look for the swarm of ladies with rolling suitcases and insane parking prices. But this is all a good thing for small businesses like us who get excited when there is no room to park and a diet coke costs $5.

Turq Jewelry has a permanent collection in the showroom Christian Mosso and Associates. The showroom has the coolest lines. Here are a few of our faves in the Gift showroom:

We are obsessed with the packaging of these soaps and candles. Each bar of soap or fragrence is like its own little wrapped present. Apparently they found an old book of vintage patterns which inspired the design. We've gotta find one of those books...

How pretty is this assortment of Guest soaps. My guest better keep their dirty paws off my soap.

This is a fresh line of linens that we love. They have such bold, ethnic, graphic prints that are available in napkins, table cloths, place mats, aprons, bedding and more.

How cute is this pattern. Dont you want to put this on your outdoor table with some watermelon and pink lemonade.

I think i might even cook if I could wear these:

I have to have these for my next dinner party. These were featured in Elle Decor. I kinda want to make these into pillows too. Mmmmmm...... more pilllll-ohhhhhhs....

If you have access to the Mart for the show (July 8-15) you should stop by CMA and check out all these fab lines:

Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishing Market
230 Spring Street, BLD 2
Suite 1130
Atlanta, GA 30303
Phone: (404) 577-0103

images from lafco and pomegranate inc.

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