Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chain Gang

Thank you for all the interest in our new collection of Kelly necklaces. The complete fall line wont be on our website until August, but we have put up the Kelly collection as a sneak peak. You can check them out here.

The Kelly necklace comes in 3 different styles, all available in Gold or Silver.

Kelly 18 inches in Gold or Silver - $75

Kelly Silver in 40 inches - Partial Chain or All Chain - $95

Kelly Gold in 40 inches - Partial Chain or All Chain - $95

These necklaces look great with so many different styles. I throw mine on with something like this for casual days:

And then something like this when I need to get dolled up (or just when i want to pretend I am leaving the house) :

Last two images from


  1. AHH! I just bought that DVF dress the other day. Now I just need my Kelly necklace!!

  2. love that dress! I bet it looks awesome on you. I am getting you the bracelet this week.

  3. kelly necklace = instant style.
    your mom gave me the 16 inch gold kelly when she was visiting us in ny. needless to say, i have received many, many compliments on it.