Saturday, July 31, 2010

Interiors Marketplace

I ran by Interiors Marketplace a few days ago. If you are in the Charlotte area you have to visit this place or its sister shop Post & Gray. I love going in and getting inspiration from the different booths.

image from stylechronicle

Interiors Marketplace carries some of our new jewelry and I love the way the designer has displayed it by the front window.

Each time I go into this high end shop I discover something new from one of the dealers. This time I was fixated on these two drawings that were done on sheets of music. I need to get a price on them.

These gave me some ideas for children's rooms. How cute would a whole wall be of these? And what a fun idea to get kids to draw on pages of old books or sheet music..... hmmmmm. I think we might have tomorrow's rainy day project figured out. Oh and then look what I found on Etsy. I think I would have been in love if you had given this to me in high school. Is it bad that I still want this right now?

Image courtesy of Etsy. $12 here

This sheet music thing could get me in trouble in church tomorrow. I am really loving it.

Image courtesy of Etsy. $3.50 here

Image courtesy of Etsy. 9$ here.

I am a litte confused over what animal this is but I still love it.

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