Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lela Rose

These images for Lela Rose caught my attention. I love the mix of textures and colors. I also like the way it shows the creative elements while showcasing the actual line. Check out her website here for more beautiful images.

Custom Designs

We love doing custom designs and are so excited about these few that we just did! If you have an idea, email us at lee@turqjewelry.com or kat@turqjewelry.com and share it! We would love to help create your vision.

The one above was done for a group of people and the customer had the charm monogrammed for each individual! So cute.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Carleton V

I know, I know... enough of a good thing. But I keep seeing Carleton Varney pop up and it just makes me smile. Love this window that Eddie Ross just blogged about here. He did it for the fabric company Carleton V.

Images from Eddie Ross

Monday, October 18, 2010

Breaking Bad

This has to be the best show (or maybe a tie with Mad Men). I am halfway through Season 2 and looooving it.
Is anyone else a fan?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Big & Bold Wall Designs

Our visit to the Greenbrier has left my head swirling with dreams of big bold graphic prints. I feel like I have been living in black and white (or should i say beige and beige) for so long that it is time to bring some color back into my surroundings. Some of these designs below are actually just hand painted designs - which I find very inspiring because I am such a DIYourself-er. These large scale designs add immediate impact to these spaces.

The next 6 images are from the Greenbrier.

Princess Grace Rose Wallpaper by Carleton Varney in our hotel bedroom.
Walkway down to the Casino.

Carleton Varney Versailles wallpaper.
Greenbrier Hotel Bunker

Here are some other wallpapers and painted patterns for inspiration.
Chloe Sevingy's apartment with Kelly Wearstler's Imperial Trellace

Nikki Hiltons kitchen from InStyle

House Beautiful

Carleton Varney

Kelly Wearstler's Hillcrest Estate

Image from katie ridder design

Pauline Paris painted walls in Robert Couturier room. Image courtesy of 1st Dibs.

Courtesy of Elle Decor

Yes, that Michael Stipe

REM songs define my tween years. His voice instantly takes me back to days on the bus. It is not surprising to learn that Michael Stipe has been busy with other art projects . Now he can add scuptor and photographer to his resume, as if he needed anything else. I discovered this while in Atlanta a few weeks back. On our way to dinner we walked up on a pack of gold wild foxes outside the new Sovereign building at 3344 Peachtree in Buckhead. Without even knowing who did the piece we were intrigued. They are really beautiful in a wild but controlled way. Foxes is Stipe's first large scale sculpture. Long ago (long long ago) Buckhead used to be wooded and actually had foxes running through it. Very cool. Here are some pics I took of it- they dont really do it justice though.

Friday, October 15, 2010

That Big Chair

These wicker "Peacock Chairs" from the 70s have been popping up everwhere. I wrote a few weeks ago that our friend Bryce bought one in Atlanta. Here it is when she bought it and then below that you can see how good it looks in its new home! I am pretty sure it is Mama's Chair only!

Here are a few other vintage chairs. Are you digging it or no?

Two images above courtesy of http://theglamlamb.blogspot.com

Image courtesy of http://moroccanmaryam.typepad.com

Ruth Caldwell from Charlotte Magazine

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gems Please

We literally stumbled on a gem while in WV this past weekend. The Gibson studio is part of the Artist Colony at the Greenbrier. At first glance we thought these shops on the hill were more tourist gifty places, but they are actually galleries from local artisits. Gibsons Studios was our fave. It has a huge working studio where they produce these geological works of art. They have many different pieces for sale- everything from petrified wood to agate in different forms- bookends, games, tables, jewelry. Of course it was a jewelry designers dream to see all the rich colors and decorative patterns these gemstones offer in their somewhat natural state. I purchased some rose quartz bookends- but think it would be amazing to one day get an amethyst table top! So glam, but definitely not kid friendly. . .

These cubes were amazing. They are cubes of Calcite in Rose and a pale Green. Superman Beware...
Here are the rose quartz bookends I bought. Love them!
No idea what this stone is. It looks like turquoise but I remember it wasnt.
This is their workshop where you can watch them produce the pieces. Its awfully clean for a work shop. I guess that is what happens when your studio can be viewed by the public.
This was a tabletop made of petrified wood. Below that a sink out of the same material.
These are the huge chunks of minerals that have not been cut down yet. They looked so other-worldy. Just raw and awesome.
We obviously love gemstones and it was really cool to be able to see these things go from their raw form to works of art. Here are the turq versions!