Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gems Please

We literally stumbled on a gem while in WV this past weekend. The Gibson studio is part of the Artist Colony at the Greenbrier. At first glance we thought these shops on the hill were more tourist gifty places, but they are actually galleries from local artisits. Gibsons Studios was our fave. It has a huge working studio where they produce these geological works of art. They have many different pieces for sale- everything from petrified wood to agate in different forms- bookends, games, tables, jewelry. Of course it was a jewelry designers dream to see all the rich colors and decorative patterns these gemstones offer in their somewhat natural state. I purchased some rose quartz bookends- but think it would be amazing to one day get an amethyst table top! So glam, but definitely not kid friendly. . .

These cubes were amazing. They are cubes of Calcite in Rose and a pale Green. Superman Beware...
Here are the rose quartz bookends I bought. Love them!
No idea what this stone is. It looks like turquoise but I remember it wasnt.
This is their workshop where you can watch them produce the pieces. Its awfully clean for a work shop. I guess that is what happens when your studio can be viewed by the public.
This was a tabletop made of petrified wood. Below that a sink out of the same material.
These are the huge chunks of minerals that have not been cut down yet. They looked so other-worldy. Just raw and awesome.
We obviously love gemstones and it was really cool to be able to see these things go from their raw form to works of art. Here are the turq versions!

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