Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dear Dorothy,

We celebrated my husbands 40th birthday this weekend at the Greenbrier in West Virginia. The over-the-top Dorothy Draper design was the perfect backdrop for our weekend. I came away with an intense appreciation and love for her style. The bold patterns and large scale designs made me want to infuse more color into my life. Around every corner are unexpected color combinations and vibrant pairings. It feels like such a throw-back while at the same time so modern. It is going to be hard for me to choose which images to post so here are the first of them...

Below is the Entrance to the new Casino. These flowers are hand painted on the wall. It looks like it was done with a stencil. I am going to do another post on this when i have time to research it. I wish i had a grand enough room to pull these flowers off.

This image is from one of the ladies rooms. LOOVE this wallpaper. You will see it in turquoise in an image further down that they use outside of the casino. You can still order the wallpaper here.

Below is a seating area near the indoor pool. Wouldnt this laminated fabric be killer for kids. Love the artwork too. Makes you want to pull out your bathing cap.

This picture below just screams Happiness!
This is on the way to the bowling alley, by the way.

This is the carpeting outside of the main ballroom. It reminds me of malachite or a Vegas nightclub, or maybe the bar I spent too much time in.

This is a seating area outside the movie theater. These stripes were hand painted as well.

I almost got kicked out of the casino for this picture. But it had to be taken. This chandelier is turquoise and crystal teardrops with a gold base. Hanging from a turquoise ceiling. I couldnt even stand it.

This is a hall way that leads to somewhere. I cant remember. . . movie theater, or maybe Oz?

This is outside of the casino. Can you see that the seat cushion is turquoise? The wallpaper was amazing. I need to find out the story behind this little nook. In the meantime we made our own...

This is a light fixture outside of the Chesapeake Room. I think it is an originaal Dorothy Draper design. There are several of them running down the hall.

This is where you get the milkshakes- Drapers Restaurant. Pink, yummy and Delicious.

This is a seating area outside of the casino. Anyone know who makes this fabric? Looks familiar.

Monkey Sconce on Palm Leaf print.

The wallpaper in our luxurious bedroom.

How unbelieveable is this below. Red Lacquered elevator.......

I am going to have to do a second post on this. I have a ton more images and a lot of reading to do about Mrs. Dorothy Draper and Carleton Varney. I also found an antique store in White Sulfur Springs that sells original Dorothy Draper Furniture and Fabric. Stay tuned Chinzy people...

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