Saturday, October 16, 2010

Big & Bold Wall Designs

Our visit to the Greenbrier has left my head swirling with dreams of big bold graphic prints. I feel like I have been living in black and white (or should i say beige and beige) for so long that it is time to bring some color back into my surroundings. Some of these designs below are actually just hand painted designs - which I find very inspiring because I am such a DIYourself-er. These large scale designs add immediate impact to these spaces.

The next 6 images are from the Greenbrier.

Princess Grace Rose Wallpaper by Carleton Varney in our hotel bedroom.
Walkway down to the Casino.

Carleton Varney Versailles wallpaper.
Greenbrier Hotel Bunker

Here are some other wallpapers and painted patterns for inspiration.
Chloe Sevingy's apartment with Kelly Wearstler's Imperial Trellace

Nikki Hiltons kitchen from InStyle

House Beautiful

Carleton Varney

Kelly Wearstler's Hillcrest Estate

Image from katie ridder design

Pauline Paris painted walls in Robert Couturier room. Image courtesy of 1st Dibs.

Courtesy of Elle Decor

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