Saturday, October 16, 2010

Yes, that Michael Stipe

REM songs define my tween years. His voice instantly takes me back to days on the bus. It is not surprising to learn that Michael Stipe has been busy with other art projects . Now he can add scuptor and photographer to his resume, as if he needed anything else. I discovered this while in Atlanta a few weeks back. On our way to dinner we walked up on a pack of gold wild foxes outside the new Sovereign building at 3344 Peachtree in Buckhead. Without even knowing who did the piece we were intrigued. They are really beautiful in a wild but controlled way. Foxes is Stipe's first large scale sculpture. Long ago (long long ago) Buckhead used to be wooded and actually had foxes running through it. Very cool. Here are some pics I took of it- they dont really do it justice though.

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