Saturday, July 31, 2010

Interiors Marketplace

I ran by Interiors Marketplace a few days ago. If you are in the Charlotte area you have to visit this place or its sister shop Post & Gray. I love going in and getting inspiration from the different booths.

image from stylechronicle

Interiors Marketplace carries some of our new jewelry and I love the way the designer has displayed it by the front window.

Each time I go into this high end shop I discover something new from one of the dealers. This time I was fixated on these two drawings that were done on sheets of music. I need to get a price on them.

These gave me some ideas for children's rooms. How cute would a whole wall be of these? And what a fun idea to get kids to draw on pages of old books or sheet music..... hmmmmm. I think we might have tomorrow's rainy day project figured out. Oh and then look what I found on Etsy. I think I would have been in love if you had given this to me in high school. Is it bad that I still want this right now?

Image courtesy of Etsy. $12 here

This sheet music thing could get me in trouble in church tomorrow. I am really loving it.

Image courtesy of Etsy. $3.50 here

Image courtesy of Etsy. 9$ here.

I am a litte confused over what animal this is but I still love it.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bryce: Part I

Our BFF Bryce Harris just packed up her brood of blond haired beauties and moved from Atlanta to Charlottesville, VA. Bryce is one of the most original women we know. From her sense of humor to her sense of style. We are obsessed with it all! We asked her to send us as many images as she could, so that we could showcase her fab taste. Hope you are as inspired as we are.

Bryce and her adorable family - Monty, Leila (1), Bode (6), & Kaki (5).

Below is an image of her AHHH-MAZING living room. Love the day bed, love the curtains, love the chandelier, love it all. Dont you want a closer look at what is on the chest and coffee table . . . I know you do

How much do you love the birdcage?

Love the turquoise Kaarskoker sleeves and the amethyst crystal teardrops.

I am sure Bryce does some serious reading in this chair. Probably some quality tween stuff. No I am kidding, most likely Us Weekly or InTouch. How cute are the antlers?!

This mosaic was a gift from her sister-in-law. She saw it and knew Bryce would love it- apparently it has real turquoise in it. Fab!

The image above is from her bedroom. How incredible is that chair? Also dont you love the lamp. She had it made from a statue she found in a little shop in Charlottesville.

Love this library. I think this is a no-kids zone. No snacks in here. I bet there are a lot of quiet time hours logged in here (for mom that is).

Bryce's house is so beautiful because it is filled with all things that she loves. All the unique elements work because each piece is SOOOOO BRYCE! I love it. I am inspired. I leave you with a view from her bedroom- where she also logs a lot of hours.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Can you Rock It?

Everywhere we turn we feel like we are seeing rich, glam rocks - for lamps, for soaps, for fabric, for necklaces! And we love it. Here are some recent spottings that remind us of a few of our designs for fall.

Turq Jewelry Jennifer Necklace in Green Agate.

Faux Malachite table -Lewis Trimble find. Image courtesy of 1stdibs

Loving this new fabric by Tony Duquette for Jim Thompson Fabrics. So glam

Of course the Mix Master of geodes and patterns. Image from Kelly Wearstler

Turq Jewelry's Jen Necklace in Pink. Coming in August.

How funny- This is hand Soap! Crazy huh! You can find them here.

Above are earrings from our new fall collection. I love the rich brown with the varying shades running through them.

How incredible is this side table above. I just discovered this girl's line here. It is called Matthew Studio .She has lamps and finials in Rock Crystal too. Gorgeous stuff.

Those are some images of our raw stones that we use to make our necklaces and earrings. Dont you want to just eat them. So yummy!

I think I like the smaller doses of rock crystal and stone in a home - like these lamps below. Wouldnt it be cool to get one in your birthstone. Hmmmmm...
A Barrie Benson room. Image courtesy of All the Best

Yellow Agate lamp . Image courtesy of Traditional Home

Monday, July 26, 2010

Roll Out...

My sister has been looking for a new living room rug. Since I love helping people spend their money I decided to tag along. We drove to the Stark Carpet Outlet which is ten minutes outside of Charlotte. They had good prices on their stock of Persian rugs and as expected for Stark they had really beautiful things. I really loved this one that had hint of pink in it and would love a bedroom rug like this one day (hint hint hub).

It reminded me of something that could be in any of these rooms from Mrs. Howard:

BUT before we left Stark, we walked into the back room and it was like a Turkish Bazaar- it was filled with rows of dhurries and kilims for really good prices. I found myself climbing over rolled up rugs and digging to check out colors and patterns.

I love a good stripe and that one above reminded me of a casual look like this:

Image from Domino Mag featured on Flickr

Image from Southern Accents

I ended up getting fixated on these French needlepoint vintage linen rugs. I dont know much about them but i loved their color combinations and funky patterns. I couldnt decide between these two but i ended up getting the second one:

I didnt even know rugs like these existed - there were so many pretty ones. Most had borders like the first image. I snatched up the second one (approx 3x5) for about $50. I started thinking of what I would do with it. I loved the cool crazy diamond pattern and that blue and yellow combo. These rugs are a little thin and perishable for my floors- kids and dogs would slip and slide all over them. So, I ended up making pillows out of them. They now sit in my den. They are huge, duarable and my husband uses them every night when he falls asleep on the sofa so they must be pretty comfortable. The kids use them to sit on the floor too. They look great even if now I need to reupholster the rest of the room to match them....