Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bryce: Part I

Our BFF Bryce Harris just packed up her brood of blond haired beauties and moved from Atlanta to Charlottesville, VA. Bryce is one of the most original women we know. From her sense of humor to her sense of style. We are obsessed with it all! We asked her to send us as many images as she could, so that we could showcase her fab taste. Hope you are as inspired as we are.

Bryce and her adorable family - Monty, Leila (1), Bode (6), & Kaki (5).

Below is an image of her AHHH-MAZING living room. Love the day bed, love the curtains, love the chandelier, love it all. Dont you want a closer look at what is on the chest and coffee table . . . I know you do

How much do you love the birdcage?

Love the turquoise Kaarskoker sleeves and the amethyst crystal teardrops.

I am sure Bryce does some serious reading in this chair. Probably some quality tween stuff. No I am kidding, most likely Us Weekly or InTouch. How cute are the antlers?!

This mosaic was a gift from her sister-in-law. She saw it and knew Bryce would love it- apparently it has real turquoise in it. Fab!

The image above is from her bedroom. How incredible is that chair? Also dont you love the lamp. She had it made from a statue she found in a little shop in Charlottesville.

Love this library. I think this is a no-kids zone. No snacks in here. I bet there are a lot of quiet time hours logged in here (for mom that is).

Bryce's house is so beautiful because it is filled with all things that she loves. All the unique elements work because each piece is SOOOOO BRYCE! I love it. I am inspired. I leave you with a view from her bedroom- where she also logs a lot of hours.

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