Sunday, May 1, 2011

Beading Frenzy

There is a great article on the Elle Decor website about artist Liza Lou. She glues tiny glass beads on to objects. Sounds simple...

"Liza Lou’s Kitchen (1991–1996), her first large-scale project after a stint in art school, was an epic undertaking. Every surface—from the cabinet doors to the fresh-baked pie to the swirling dishwater in the sink—is covered with tiny glass beads, all glued by hand. The juxtaposed color fields recall Seurat’s pointillism (one of Lou’s early influences), while the cereal boxes and household products pay tribute to Andy Warhol. “A soup can is the first thing I ever made in beads,” says the artist in Liza Lou, a beautifully illustrated new monograph. “I liked the idea of slowing down Pop Art.” Since then, her shimmering works have included portraits of American presidents, larger-than-life statues of Adam and Eve, and a cinder-block prison cell modeled after one on San Quentin’s death row."

"When I discovered beads, it was like walking into an incredible paint store. It was one of those moments. To this day, I don’t consider myself any good at working with beads; it’s just that I have a vision for them." – Liza Lou


  1. OMG. Okay, two questions: Is she on crack? And if she hot glues these does she have any fingers left?

  2. Or even if she uses a needle and thread, does she have any fingers left! LOL!!