Monday, January 3, 2011

Amy Liz : Part I

Happy New Year! We just got back from a massive trip to visit our people in Tennessee. I cant wait to share all the fun things about our trip - letting the kiddos run around on the farm, sitting and chatting for hours with Kayce Hughes, Junking with cousin Sarah, Talking Star Wars with cousin Anne.... and much more. One of the big highlights was getting to visit with my college roomate and BFF Amy Liz. In a twist of fate she bought the house that all of my Nashville cousins grew up in! It is so fun being back in the house that holds so many memories for all of us. Amy Liz has totally made the house her own and her two girls are going to fill the house with even more wonderful memories. I have to share with you images of the house becuase Amy Liz has incredible taste. She is from New Orleans so there is an eclectic french flair you can see. She also is extremely creative and I love the way she can mix pieces from different periods. I am begging her for more photos so stay tuned for Part II!

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